A downloadable Piracy Game for Windows

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This is the Single Player DEMO version of Rise Of Piracy.

This includes one Scenario where you sail to a target island, battling ships along the way, where eventually you have to defeat the islands defenses and defenders, deploying your crew to capture it !

There is a known bug with the 'Very Low' quality settings. Please visit the settings screen and increase LOD Bias to Maximum if using this quality setting.
Also - if you get a GC Main thread style error, just restart the game and it'll be fine :) 

Some tips:

  • You can hit U to show/hide a Objective Marker - it will point to the island that you need to capture.
  • If you follow the flow of the map, you should be able to discover the objective island on the large map, by pressing M. 
  • The RTS view is unconstrained, so you can hit T, and "fly" around the map. Controls for the RTS are: Hold middle mouse button to mouse look, and WSAD to move around. Holding Shift will make the movement faster. 

Main features include: 

  • Roaming NPC Ships
  • Large open world with plenty of Islands
  • A few populated islands with defensive forts
  • One large island with plenty of defenses including Ships, Soldiers and forts!
  • A domination style capture system where players must send members of their crew to shore and invade the island, fighting enemy squads on the way. 

Not included in demo features: 

  • Inventory
  • Looting
  • Ports and Trading
  • Player owned-fleets which can be hired at ports that can be commanded in the same way as the troops
  • Large scale player fleet vs 
  • Ship Upgrades
  • Missions
  • Cooperative modes
    • Story mode
    • Survival
    • Many different Scenarios
  • Player vs player 
    • Capture the island modes!
    • Free for all
    • Teams of 2! (2v2v2v2v2)
    • 3v3/4v4 etc.

Here is a video of a past multiplayer playtest - here you can see a cooperative island invasion mission being completed: 

I hope to open the multiplayer up in future patches and include some more levels before we enter alpha. 

I stream all of my development on my twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/IrishJohnGaming

I post regular updates to my twitter: 

Discord server: https://discord.gg/QeH9yhd


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I enjoyed the demo.  I could not deploy my landing boat, luck for the bad guys!

notes and requests

  • After switch windows with ALT/TAB my cannonballs per shot increased by alot, cool for me :)
  • Alt tab game still runs in the background, because it's networked?
  • are the number keys being user, would be nice to set range with a button press, #1 #9 etc
    enemies on the mini map?
  • sometimes you can go on land with the ship making it hard to turn or get of land.

Beautiful, thanks Callow!! Appreciate it. I'll for sure get right on that and have something for the next update :) Hopefully this month at some stage.


This sounds great!! Hope to see how it will evolve

Absolutely :) new patch with new map coming very soon :)