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This is the Single Player DEMO version of Rise Of Piracy.

This includes one Scenario where you sail to a target island, battling ships along the way, where eventually you have to defeat the islands defenses and defenders, deploying your crew to capture it !

There is a known bug with the 'Very Low' quality settings. Please visit the settings screen and increase LOD Bias to Maximum if using this quality setting.
Also - if you get a GC Main thread style error, just restart the game and it'll be fine :) 

Some tips:

  • You can hit U to show/hide a Objective Marker - it will point to the island that you need to capture.
  • If you follow the flow of the map, you should be able to discover the objective island on the large map, by pressing M. 
  • The RTS view is unconstrained, so you can hit T, and "fly" around the map. Controls for the RTS are: Hold middle mouse button to mouse look, and WSAD to move around. Holding Shift will make the movement faster. 

Main features include: 

  • Roaming NPC Ships
  • Large open world with plenty of Islands
  • A few populated islands with defensive forts
  • One large island with plenty of defenses including Ships, Soldiers and forts!
  • A domination style capture system where players must send members of their crew to shore and invade the island, fighting enemy squads on the way. 

Not included in demo features: 

  • Inventory
  • Looting
  • Ports and Trading
  • Player owned-fleets which can be hired at ports that can be commanded in the same way as the troops
  • Large scale player fleet vs 
  • Ship Upgrades
  • Missions
  • Cooperative modes
    • Story mode
    • Survival
    • Many different Scenarios
  • Player vs player 
    • Capture the island modes!
    • Free for all
    • Teams of 2! (2v2v2v2v2)
    • 3v3/4v4 etc.

Here is a video of a past multiplayer playtest - here you can see a cooperative island invasion mission being completed: 

I hope to open the multiplayer up in future patches and include some more levels before we enter alpha. 

I stream all of my development on my twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/IrishJohnGaming

I post regular updates to my twitter: 

Discord server: https://discord.gg/QeH9yhd


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